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Digital vs Analog: An Overview of Watches

Watches are a subconscious obsession for all. They latch themselves on the wrists of all, telling the personality of the individual and of course, time, in all sorts of ways. However, every watch has a tale of time to narrate, that is hidden beneath those dials.

There are primarily two types of watches – digital and analog. This categorization has been made on the basis of how watches tell time. An analog watch displays time with the classic hour, minute, and second hands, and a digital watch uses a computerized screen to show the time.

Watches are mainly run by batteries and are known as quartz watches. Quartz is a common mineral found in the world and is used as a tuning device in watches to keep time running. Quartz watches are the most reliable watches in the market an range from inexpensive plastic pieces to expensive ones covered in gold and diamonds.

•Analog Watches
A typical analog watch reminds you of a battery-operated watch with a dial featuring rotating hands. These watches come in various styles ranging from inexpensive watches to their expensive counterparts such as Timex, Fossil, Swatch etc. The difference in the cost of watches owes to the brand name and the type of embellishments and craftsmanship used to make them.

These watches are typically powered by a low-drain silver oxide battery , which can be easily replaced at your jewellery or at the watchmaker’s. The movement consists of a power cell, quartz, a circuit board, and a small electric motor—all of which work together to turn the hands of the watch and keep the time.

•Digital Watches
When it comes to style and function, digital watches and analog watches vary to a great extent. Digital watches are best suited for those performing a lot of outdoor activities. Many of them are low cost and “sport proof,” meaning they are often water resistant, or even waterproof, and can handle a few bumps here and there pretty well. Digital watches can perform a myriad of tasks with some having additional built-in features such as stopwatches, Bluetooth capabilities, complicated calendar and GPS functions, pedometers, and digital heart monitors. Because digital watches are so varied in style and function, the interior computer boards and circuitry tend to be vastly different from watch to watch. They are also quite complicated inside and can have many layers of computer parts. Digital watches are also the only watches that do not have any moving parts. Generally, if a digital watch is in need of repair or a battery change, it must be sent back to the manufacturer or be taken to a specialized repair shop. Unfortunately for the digital-watch owner, traditional watchmakers are usually trained to work on watches with gears and movements, not computer boards, so a repair shop that specializes in digital watches can sometimes be a little difficult to find. There is no harm is asking your jeweller or watchmaker to take a look, of course. If they are unable to help, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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