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Watch Buying Guide for Women

It is widely accepted that most women love accessories. They spend hours to choose the right accessories that fit their outfit and looks. Great watches are also a part of women’s accessory box. The watch manufacturers across the globe compete to invent new varieties each day to suit different tastes. Here we are sharing five most useful tips for selecting the right watch for women. It will be useful for those who want to buy ladies wrist watch as a gift for someone else as well as to yourself.

  • Check the movement type of your watch:  You may find a lot of types in this criterion. But, the most popular and used ones are mechanical and quartz. However, quartz watches are considered as less expensive, reliable and practical. If you are planning to buy mechanical watch, keep this in mind that they are much expensive and requires much care and service. If you are still looking for mechanical watches, you can choose Girard Perregaux, one of the renowned manufacturers.
  • Type and style matters:  It is important to choose the type that matches your style. If you are of a bit classic taste, choosing round wrist watches will be good. Likewise, square can show off a bit of masculinity. Apart from these, there are sporty watches, jewellery watches and dress watches. Watches can define your style and taste of fashion.
  • The material to choose: Gold jewellery watches were in trend from the ancient times. Recently, there had been new shades in these varieties like classic yellow gold, platinum, pink gold, and rose gold. Stainless steel and ceramics are also available in the market. Each has a different look and feel.
  • Strap or bracelet? :  Ladies wrist watches are available in straps as well as bracelet models. Watches with bracelets will have a classy and formal look like luxury watches. On the other hand, leather watches or watches with straps will look more formal and stylish.
  • The ‘wow’ factor in the watch:  It doesn’t matter what kind of watch you choose, it should have a ‘wow’ factor that should attract the eyes around you. It can be a luxury watch with diamond-set.

Keep these points in mind before stepping out for a watch shopping. It will surely help you to choose the apt one for you.

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